Thursday, March 11, 2010

why is a raven like a writing desk?

i'm in a horrible mood, the weathers dreadful, and i just virtually ruined a skirt i've been working on for weeks. sigh. HOWEVER besides my minor tragedy of a life, there is something of interest I wanted to blog about...Alice in Wonderland! alas my favorite childhood movie of all time has been adapted to a modern masterpiece.

the costumes were, to put it simply.. AMAZING

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costume designer Colleen Atwood had quite a challenge when taking on Burton's adaptation of the disney favorite, but her whimsical, playful, yet elegant costumes captivated my attention through out the film.

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i loved this draped and tied grecian number. the volume around the waist was beautiful and ethereal and just lovely

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  1. I love your blog!! longer posts please. You should feature some of the stuff you've been doing in class and the creative process. Keep up the good work, love :)