Sunday, March 21, 2010

slightly delayed

hello all,

after the oscars a few weeks ago, i really wanted to do an in depth post about all the wonderful fashion the night had to offer, but then my midterms struck and unfortunately i never got around to it. HOWEVER, i would like to post for you all, my favorite dress of the evening.

british actress carey mulligan received a best actress nomination for her role in 'the education', and arrived at the show in by far my favorite dress of the night.

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this elegant prada strapless gown was perfect for her figure, and she complimented the outfit well with those SICK prada shoes and her short, edgy 'do. i loved the detailing on the gown, and wanted to take a closer look. you couldn't even capture my excitement when i saw what those details actually were....

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MINI KITCHEN UTENSILS?! so awesome. the bodice of the dress is covered in flowers, forks, knives, scissors, nuts,'s dark and slightly twisted, but is perfect on this prada silhouette.

reportedly vogue editor anna wintour advised the young actress to wear a shorter dress for the awards and mulligan flat out rejected her advice, telling her she didn't need any dress tutoring. haha 'atta girl, i'm glad she did or she wouldn't have been the buzz amongst fashionistas everywhere.

well, now i must embark on a job search for this summer, wish me luck! and until next time,



  1. i love it. and i give her props for saying no to anna wintour. she knows a lot about fashion, but there's no one right answer, as we know, and i think it's ridiculous when people act like there is. i think the long dress is stunning on her and i ADORE her hair.

  2. thanks for commenting! i agree, good for her for going with her gut, she looked fabulous