Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ruthie Davis Shoe Exhibit

I had the wonderful opportunity to go see the Ruthie Davis Shoe Exhibit, currently being shown in the Museum of American Art in New Britain, Connecticut.  The shoes were out of this world amazing.  Davis grew up here in Connecticut, and returned home to showcase many of her high-fashion heels, that warrant the title of wearable art in themselves.  Her designs have graced the feet of celebrity clients such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Katy Pery, Hilary Duff, Penelope Cruz, Rihanna, Michelle Williams, Avril Lavigne, Maria Bello, Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, and Kim Kardashian.
Davis began her career in footwear at Reebok, where she became the Director of the Reebok Classic Division.  Her experience in sportswear has had an evident influence on her shoe designs today.  Many of her designs use bright vibrant blocks of color, and one pair entitled "Skipper" from the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, use laces as an aesthetic element. After Reebok, Davis moved on to become the Vice President of Design and Marketing at UGG Australia in California.
She launched her Ruthie Davis brand in 2006 to great success.  Davis' shoes use an alluring combination of color, futurism, embellishment, architecture, and height; many heels being 6 inches or greater.  Davis uses a platform in many of her shoes which decreases the pitch of the shoe and making them much easier and more comfortable to wear because your foot is at less of an angle.

You can check out Ruthie Davis' website here and her blog here :) And don't forget to check out the exhibit while you can!  It will be in New Britain's Museum of American Art until the middle of June.