Friday, April 9, 2010

smokey psychedelic anarchy

florence and the machine- "dog days are over" (new video)

this new version of the video came out about a month ago and i have been wanting to do a post on the styling in the video. florence wears an ivory, victorian inspired, draped number with gold accented jewelry, then switches to a fur vest with long tassels that swirled around her body, and also a gold and purple kimono. and you can't ignore the gold, sequined 60's chicks in the back. the costumes set the mood for the entire video, one that has been described like,

"Florence is the shamanic leader of a surreal orchestra where spiritual elation explodes into smokey psychedelic anarchy. Each musical element of the song is personified by a group of colorful characters that combine 60’s girl groups, Hinduism, gospel choirs, drum circles, paganism and pyrotechnics. Florence is a painted primal force of nature that whips a religious experience into a riot."

couldn't have said it better myself

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