Tuesday, April 6, 2010


as a college student myself, i know how hard it is to find fashionable and affordable clothing for class, parties, interviews, etc. so hopefully i can give you some ideas and solutions to all your fashion needs. maybe you're an incoming college student and want to know what essentials to add to your list before you make the big transition to school

my basics:
-rain boots

target collaborated with liberty of london to create this cute pair of floral rain boots for $29.99. as much as i hate wearing rain boots because they're heavy on your foot and rarely match anything you're wearing, they are a necessity on a college campus because you find yourself walking to class in all sorts of unfortunate weather.

- cardigans

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please note the "s" at the end of cardigan. they're a great piece to have and an awesome alternative to a jacket if it's not too cold out. plus they're light enough to fit in your bag if the weather changes. the one pictured above is from forever 21 for $24.90. i have cardigans in almost every color but the best color to invest in is black. it will go with almost everything and looks great for layering.

-light scarf

this pretty floral scarf is from urban outfitters. a light colorful scarf is great to have because they can add flare and character to any outfit and they will keep you warm if it's chilly out. scarves are probably my favorite accessory because they can change the look of an outfit immediately with minimal effort. 

-zip up hoodie

Style 5399

another great essential. zip ups (like the one above from american apparel) are great to just throw on to go to class, not to mention comfy and warm. though not the most fashion forward piece, definitely a must-have

American Apparel 8328 Cotton Spandex Jersey Legging, Black, S
people love to hate on leggings, but they can be one of the most versatile parts of your wardrobe. you can wear them with a long top, a hoodie, or even a dress. plus you can find them in tons of colors and cool prints. they're also super comfy to walk to class in, and i love that they are much less restricting than jeans.

these are my college essentials and hopefully they can help you out as you prepare to go off to school, or maybe give you ideas for what you may be missing from your wardrobe :) i plan on doing a college party do's and don'ts post soon so keep an eye out for it!


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