Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Oh hello, Update :)

Hello all :) It's been far too long. School, work, and life have seemed to take over all of my time for the last few months, but it is my summer resolution to get this blog going again! I guess it's kind of awkward so just "start up" out of the blue, so I guess I will catch you up where I left off, which was shortly before my trip to Europe in January. Through my program at my University, I had the opportunity to spend a week in London, and a week in Paris, meeting with designers and industry professionals in both cities. It was nothing short of an amazing experience.

Some Highlights:

Guided tour of Liberty of London (there's me! front left)

Meeting with Ben, lead designer for Zandra Rhodes, and trying on original designs!

Tour of the original Louis Vuitton Family home, private museum, and workshop

Once I got back to the US, I spent only a few days at home before heading back to school for the Spring semester. I had secured myself an internship in December and was excited to get into gear. I've spent the last 5 months interning at Nonchalant Mom, an online children's clothing boutique. I spent my time there working on pieces for different facets of the boutique. I've done everything from flat sketching to sewing prototypes, merchandising the store window, along with typical intern-ly tasks like taking inventory, cleaning the store, etc.

This experience has been a huge inspiration for me, and has even sparked my interest in possibly continuing in the children's clothing industry. I'll be posting some things I've accomplished later this week.

Guess this post was to "break the ice" a bit for those who have wondered where I've gone, but I'm back!


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